What is your assessment of our product?

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I love them, it took up a 2.5' by 4' chunk of her stall left it dry and she peed on them. They absorbed quite well and I was able to sift manure out leaving behind some bedding, getting soaked stuff out.    ~Nikki

 (Using 1 bag of pellets)


Birds are happy and laying more eggs vs using pine shavings.  ~Kate


All Good. Good product. Easy to use. Breaks down well, absorbs well. Very comparable to wood pellets. 

                   ~Dr. Ron Kantner


(Big Ben) He is a neat gelding who pees in one corner of his stall making mucking very easy, and I love the performance of the shred.  ~Nikki

( 3 bags to start 1 to replace cleaned areas 1 weeks time) 


We put in your product and the mice aren't dying anymore!


  (vs. wood shavings)


 We love this animal bedding! It's the best that we have found for our hamster. A little goes a long way unlike the stuff we have bought elsewhere. It's very absorbent and keeps cage odors away!


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